Mushburg–Burger Mushroom #M002

GO TO PARAS v.PFP GO TO OPENSEA v.ANIMATED Mushburg Burger Mushroom Appetizing but not too close. Mushburg is a mushroom with cheese and ham. It is still a mystery how it came to be. (Extremely appetizing) It’s dangerous because its sharp thorns which ready to pierce those who come to eat it. Mushburgs can often […]

Jelly-Slime #M001

GO TO PARAS v.PFP GO TO OPENSEA v.ANIMATED JELLY SLIME Be Soft But Not Weak. Jelly is an elementary monster. According to the legend, The slime was born from the sweat of the gods when the Triodot world was created. Drops of sweat fall on the earth and contact with various elements, forming different types […]

Mighty-Miner #002

GO TO PARAS MIGHTY MINER All creation is a mine, and every man a miner Mighty is a miner. He seems to be trying to find a great value things. Why does he need so much money? Mighty stays in the mine all day and all night. Ehh, What does he eat in the mine? […]

Hajime-Villager #001

GO TO PARAS HAJIME VILLAGER THE BEGINNING IS HERE Hajime, a young villager, who is finding the strength. He is on the way to a desert city to find his brother. (I heard that his brother is a thief there.) If he meet each other and know that his brother is a bad guy. How […]