Kumado-Commando Bear #M008

GO TO PARAS Kumado Commando Bear Cutie Killer Machine Kumado is a teddy bear which transformed to a special forces ground robot. He has the fighting skills. He is mounted with a laser gun on his head. It’s a very scary special weapon, even though it looks cute and cuddly. How to deal with this […]

Gnome-Toy Maker #M007

GO TO PARAS Gnome Toy maker Christmas is calling GNOME!! Gnomes are small, shy, and solitary spirits. Gnomes are intelligent both in magic and technology. They are all an inventor. We believed that gnomes had created and invented the various toys for the children on Christmas Day which distributed by Santa Claus and it seems […]

Lunabun-Lucky Rabbit #M006

GO TO PARAS LUNABUN LUCKY RABBIT Rabbit on the Moon Lunabun is a cute little bunny. There is a hair curled on his head like a steamed bun. The legend said that it came from the moon. If anyone touch their hair curled, you will be lucky all day long. However Lunabun is really fast, […]

Blood Luna-Magician #009

GO TO PARAS BLOOD LUNA MAGICIAN Love is the closest thing we have to magic. Blood Luna, Apprentice Mage. She had a talent for magic from a young age. her first magic is to summon a Lunabun (Rabbit Monster) out of her hat. But Lunabun attacked her. Therefore, she thought that she was not suitable […]

Fiona-Acolyte #008

GO TO PARAS FIONA ACOLYTE Life is an echo, we get what we give. Fiona, a kind-hearted woman. She travels to help any wanderer. She has no combat Skills but with excellent support skills. She didn’t dare to hit even one of a Jelly. So, we often see her being chased by Jelly. Maybe Jelly […]

Hayato-Thief #007

GO TO PARAS HAYATO THIEF Speed ​​is the devil Hayato is a famous thief in the desert city. He has the skilled in stealth and stealing. He often sneaked into the castles and the rich people’s homes until he was announced. He had a very high bounty. But I never saw him sneak into the […]

Violet-Archer #006

GO TO PARAS VIOLET ARCHER When You Shoot, Can’t Return. Violet is a young archer. She has highaccuracy and stealth skills. I heard that she’s actually an elf. But no one hasever seen her ears. (She keeps her hoodie and hair covered all the time.) She’sa quiet person, so we don’t really know what her […]

Little Rock-Stone Golem #M005

GO TO PARAS v.PFP GO TO OPENSEA v.ANIMATED Little Rock Stone Golem Guardian of the forest Little Rock, the stone golem that guards the forest. All those golems used to be a forest guardian spirit. However with a limited lifespan,.when their time is just up. They use the magic power to move their mind and […]

Bony-Skeleton #M004

GO TO OPENSEA v.ANIMATED GO TO PARAS v.PFP Bony Skeleton Clumsy Skeleton Bony is a walking skeleton. He was clumsy. His joints were not firm. As a result, his various parts often fall apart. Sometimes his head dropped to the ground. He still kick it until he found it for a while. _________________________ โบนี คือโครงกระดูกเดินได้ เขาเป็นคนซุ่มซ่าม ข้อต่อต่าง […]

Mila-Cactus #M003

GO TO PARAS v.PFP GO TO OPENSEA v.ANIMATED Mila Cactus Dangerously Beautiful Mila, the angry cactus, living in the hot desert which must be the reason why Mila is always angry. Mila attacks with punches and thrusts of spikes. How about trying to fight Mila by watering it? May be Mila will calm down for […]