Logos-Elf Ranger #015

GO TO PARAS Logos Elf Ranger The path to wisdom is littered with foolish choices. Logos. Elf Prince of the Wildwood. Top archer. He was a swift and silent hunter. He possessed the magic of the forest, his body as light as a feather, and his longevity. which is the property of the elf itself. […]

Guilhem-Lord Knight #014

GO TO PARAS Guilhem Lord Knight The Jack of Clubs Gilheim, the Kingdom’s top knight leader and the leader of 13th Army of the Guardian of Kingdom defense force, was possessed by the dark side. He need the limitless power to protect his beloved. So he was seduced and got the black magic power. He […]

Richard-Archbishop #013

GO TO PARAS Richard Archbishop LIGHT. Richard, Archbishop of Triodot Kingdom. The one who summoned the light to the realm. Richard is the leader of the clergy of the Xavier Cross guild. To protect the kingdom from the demons from the dark land. Lord Richard has the ability to revive. And can change the dark […]

Morgan-Pirate #012

GO TO PARAS Morgan Pirate Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me. Go to Opensea. Morgan, a pirate who absolutely obsessed with the treasure and the sea. Morgan works secretly with the kingdom to hunt the giant sea monsters and the invaders which is he already passionate. He killed and take over the […]

Jasper-Assassin #011

GO TO PARAS JASPER ASSASSIN Fight with dark side or I am ? Jesper, independent assassin, has traveled to the various cities to eavesdropping from the villagers. If he found the bad guys that seems to be threat to the cities. He didn’t hesitate to eliminate the problem by himself. The hero in the killer. […]

Sybina-Husky Werewolf #M010

GO TO PARAS Sybina Husky Werewolf I’m a werewolf, not a Siberian Husky. Sybina, the werewolf girl or you can call The Siberian Husky because she is a very small wolf look like a Siberian Husky. She’s also cheerful, mischievous, and playful exactly same as Siberian Husky. However, she has the concerns because she can’t […]

Ninneko-Ninja Cat #M009

GO TO PARAS Ninneko Ninja Cat Ninja don’t wish upon a star, they throw them. Nineko is a cat ninja who uses a samurai sword as his main weapon. Also, there are many secret weapons including throwing stars, kunai knives, smoke bombs and various ninja spells. However, Nineko still doesn’t remember the accurately spells. Sometimes […]

Kumado-Commando Bear #M008

GO TO PARAS Kumado Commando Bear Cutie Killer Machine Kumado is a teddy bear which transformed to a special forces ground robot. He has the fighting skills. He is mounted with a laser gun on his head. It’s a very scary special weapon, even though it looks cute and cuddly. How to deal with this […]

Gnome-Toy Maker #M007

GO TO PARAS Gnome Toy maker Christmas is calling GNOME!! Gnomes are small, shy, and solitary spirits. Gnomes are intelligent both in magic and technology. They are all an inventor. We believed that gnomes had created and invented the various toys for the children on Christmas Day which distributed by Santa Claus and it seems […]

Lunabun-Lucky Rabbit #M006

GO TO PARAS LUNABUN LUCKY RABBIT Rabbit on the Moon Lunabun is a cute little bunny. There is a hair curled on his head like a steamed bun. The legend said that it came from the moon. If anyone touch their hair curled, you will be lucky all day long. However Lunabun is really fast, […]